The world's most attractive DMX controller
SUSHI is the most attractive DMX lighting control package on the market. It’s only $39, with 12 stand alone DMX channels and software included.  (EASY STAND ALONE windows + ARCOLIS android)
Stand alone Smart Handy USB DMX Interface
The SUSHI uses high quality hardware designed, a world-class design : stand alone, USB plug&play, 128 DMX channels, expandable to 512, output connection via block or RJ, 2 indicators, one button. SUSHI stands for "Sunlite Universal Smart Handy Interface".
Program over USB from your PC or Smart Phone
Program all your lighting scenes using your computer or your android phone, then write to the memory of the SUSHI. You can then disconnect the USB cable and control your lights in stand alone using a standard USB 5V power. (Mac Software option also available to purchase extra)
Control any DMX or LED lighting fixtures
With a library of more than 15000 fixture profiles, you can easily patch any fixture into the software and control within just a few minutes. Create your own profiles using the included SSL Library editor.
High quality products at competitive price
DmxSoft interfaces are powerful and high quality. The concept has been designed by worldwide engineers and managers. We integrate : Europe R&D, Swiss quality, USA strategy, China power !
Build your Lighting Scenes Quickly and Easily
Using the touchscreen or mouse, you can easily build your desired scenes to include patch, groups, steps, levels, colors, fade times, loops etc. A scene using a single step is called a static scene, a scene with multiple steps is called a dynamic scene.
Worldwide distribution and one year warranty
Our group has 30 years experience in lighting control, our packages are available in many countries. The warranty of SUSHI hardware is 12 months. Purchased options will not be lost in the event of SUSHI replacement.
Select your scenes using the built in button
In stand alone mode, the SUSHI will begin to play the 1st scene. The user can select the next scenes by using the button. If the complete show only uses one single dynamic scene, then the button is not used. The SUSHI also has 2 dry contact ports that can be used to trigger any scene.
Advanced SUT Sunlite Upgrade Technology
With the SUT Upgrade Technology you can buy upgrades for the SUSHI:  Including the ability to program with ESA2 software for Mac, add more live or stand alone DMX channels, enable the 2 external dry contacts and purchase more licences from our extended software range.
Upgrade the number of DMX channels up to 512
Out of the box the SUSHI comes included with 12 channels (stand alone) and 128 DMX channels (live/pc). The number of channels can be upgraded up to 512 directly from our webstore. Quick & easy, no need to return the interface.

Included software (free)

Easy Stand Alone 1 (soft) 13 Dec 2016 Windows EN FR ES DE PT Free software Unlimited time licence
Arcolis (app) 27 Jan 2017 Android Play Store Free app Unlimited time licence

Optional software (upgrades)

ESA 231 Mar 2016 Windows / Mac EN FR 1 year licence from $29 30 days free licence

To access upgrades : Optional software, 30 days free licence, More DMX channels...
You must create a DmxSoft account and register your interface. (DmxSoft online store)



How to become an official distributor ?

1.  Buy and test a SUSHI-RB package
2.  Order 50 packages for only USD 1299
3.  Add the product to your website
4.  Your company will be displayed on www.arcolis.com